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Get to know TEAM DANNY's

LindaEMPLOYEE: Linda Prisco

POSTITION: Server Extraordinaire


WORLD GOT LUCKY: September 8

DAN ASKS:  ….So…how did you become Server Extraordinaire?
LINDA SAYS: My cousin Frank was one of the owners of Salfranco’s and one July 4th I said that if you ever need help call me…I got a call that night and started July 6. Then Danny’s took over and I stayed on and am still here 37 years later!

DAN ASKS:   ….WOW…WHY? What motivates you to be Server Extraordinaire?
LINDA SAYS: What motivates me still after all these years are people. I have made so many new friends to a point they are in my life as I’m in theirs. Plus I love the fast pace of the restaurant and it works for my high energy. I never stop moving.

DAN ASKS:   ….Ever think of what you would do if you never started that July 6?
LINDA SAYS: …If I was not a server today I would have been a hair dresser because that what I went to school for

DAN ASKS:   ….What do you like to watch?
LINDA SAYS: …..Adam Levine!!
DAN COMMENTS:   ….Ummmm Linda…I was not finished…what do you like to watch on TV?
LINDA SAYS: …..Adam Levine!!
LINDA THEN SAYS: …..My favorite show is Dancing with the Stars. I can’t wait till Adam Levine goes on….

DAN ASKS:   ….Soo what’s up with Adam Levine? Does Richard your husband know this…?!
LINDA BLUSHES: …..Adam Levine has it all…looks….voice…and YES HE IS HOT!!

DAN ASKS:   ….Ok enough of him. What is your favorite song?
LINDA SAYS: …..For sure it is Whitney Houston’s  “ Greatest Love of All”

DAN ASKS:   ….Rumor has it that I am your favorite boss? I trust this is true…
LINDA SAYS: …..Honestly…I do not have one! I have been very lucky in 37 years to say everyone has been there for me in good times and in bad times. I do know this is where I belong because the Ebelings make me feel I’m one of them in the family.

DAN SAYS:   ….Oh well I tried….
DAN ASKS:   ….Favorite thing you like to eat at Danny’s?
LINDA SAYS: …..My favorite thing is Liver and Onions. I know a lot of people don’t like it but if you do, Danny’s has the best around. I also love our burgers…I eat a burger a week!

DAN ASKS:   ….Recommendations  at Danny’s?
LINDA SAYS: …..I have a recommendation for everything. I first ask what they want if its steak, chicken, or seafood, or a sandwich, or even something lite. Then from there I have many that I recommend. Our food is very good here.

DAN ASKS:   ….what do you do on Linda time?
LINDA SAYS: …..I am married…we have 2 sons, 4 grandchildren I love spending time withal of them. I love to go shopping, love to take the grandchildren with me, and love to be outside in the good weather in the garden.

Linda is so important to the success of Danny’s. She is a great person to have around and always always always wants the customers to be happy! She is requested all the time for customers to have her be their server! Linda standards are very high. She never stops moving. If she is not busy with the best customer service around she is cleaning tables, dusting shelves, or talking to customers. We are honored and lucky to have Linda on our team, but if she is your server then you are luckier!